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Loft Living has long been a way of life in many cities.

NewYork City is without question the most known for its loft lifestyle. Lofts were first renovated into residential living spaces in the early 70’s by artists who were looking for big, inexpensive spaces with good light . Soho and Tibeca, which were basically no mans land in downtown manhattan, were industrial neighborhoods with spaces that at one time housed sweatshops, printing houses and button factories. These spaces had high, usually tin, ceilings, giant windows, fir floors, and exquisite cast iron facades.

These spaces became very desirable in part because the unobstructed expanse of space could easily be built out without structural restrictions. You could put a wall anywhere! Lofts became customized to the individual and people got pretty creative with the interiors. Although lofts have been criticized for erring on the cold, austere side, that is no longer true! Lofts can be warm, homey and still feel airy and luxurious!

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