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One of the things that this campaign season has done for many us, is it has gotten us to pay attention to what we think and what we believe in. No matter what side of the fence you are on, I’ll bet you have tuned into your value system in the recent months with a more self-examining eye. Being mindful about what we are choosing as consumers has never been more important certainly, and we are challenged daily to find value in all of our goods and services. Gone are the days of oblivious frivolity! Even if you have the means, it is totally pass√©.¬† What is “HAPPENING” now is to be clear and focused and articulate about what we want our lives to be and that means cleaning out what is no longer working, and replacing it with precise, effective and innovative solutions. This way of thinking completely applies to everything in our lives, from how we vote to how we decorate. Being mindful visually will helps us discern, not only what we like but what is important to us.

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