Giving back

It is time when everyone should be more mindful of their lives and the abundance we all have. We all have so much to give and teach and pass on to others and in these hard and uncertain times it is all of our responsibility to do just that. Pass on what we have to those in need.
I was raised in a family where there was a legacy of service to others. My grandparents raised their childeren to always be involved in helping others and consequently they passed those values onto us. We all have heard about the starving children in foreign lands, but not many of us have the family down the street who is eating out of the food bank on our radar. All of us have skills and expertise in something that could benefit other people and we can all develop and grow creatively and humanitarianly by these kind of practices.

Mary Cooper is an extraordinary colorist. I was shooting her house in the late spring in New Orleans. She lives in this turn of the century bargeboard house that sits at the edge of the devastation of the 9th ward. Her street is dotted with the x marked abandoned homes ravaged by Katrina. Her place is fabulous! Humble architecturally, crude craftmanship in places have been transformed into modern, chic ecclectisism. Her stylistic perspective resides somewhere between shaker, early colonial americana, traditional japanese and organic modern.  The mix of found objects, the limited resources have culminated into a space that is warm yet mercilessly edited. The almost monastic and austere decor is completely juxtaposed with interesting , suprising and unlikely color combinations. The paint finishes are flat and harmonious with a twist. warm pumpkin and ochre  with an infusion of tuquoise lifts the palette in a way that only a real sophisicated eye could know. Her choices are considered and true to her overall vision.

I love the iPhone!!

re-arrange your rooms. paint your walls. get flowering plants instead of cut flowers. host a swap event. tag sale your whole house and become a minimalist! more to come!

Thanks Tracy!

Mr. Fabulous! Was just contracted to do the interior of the White House! This of course is the project of a lifetime!!! Take a look at some of Mr. Smith’s interiors.2009-01-13-gasl_michael_smith_daras_022009-01-13-gasl_michael_smith_daras_032009-01-13-gasl_michael_smith_daras_042009-01-13-gasl_michael_smith_daras_09

This chair is an example of colonial style milk painted furniture which had a bit of a style comeback in the 1980’s. Although this style of furniture has been a stylistic trend off and on, It is actually classic country americana and can be mixed with almost any other interior style as it has long been considered a kind of folk art.img_2230