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I am shooting this week with a long standing client of mine who has just gone through a huge rebranding effort and is really on the fashion radar these days. Michelle Obama has been spotted wearing several of their looks on the campaign trail recently as she tries to make headway for the democrats for this mid term election season. I decided to ask several people at the shoot about what is influencing them stylistically lately. What they have been looking at that is visually inspiring them, what trends are interesting, and what they feel is informing their personal style. Here is what they had to say….
Tony Foote, a freelance art director and designer, most recently at
Calvin Klein feels that the Eco movement is developing stylistically especially in the home sector with companies like Flor and the forward architectural trend that is happening around sustainable
design. As far as personal style, Tony describes himself as a devotee to american modernism, clean, sporty, minimal. This aesthetic direction reveals itself in both fashion and home.

Elizabeth Serwin, a freelance stylist based in New York City, is inspired by floral prints and patterns as of late. The mix of geometrics with floral, a Versailles meets the Bradys combination is both modern eclecticism and vintage remastered. Elizabeth is a fan of Vanessa Beecrofts recent work, spattered paint, as in the 1960s pop culture tradition, and French country. she describes her personal style as “casual, sporty, classic with a twist”.

Sharon Monteforte is a fashion editor at Talbots and is part of the rebrand of that classic american apparel company. She is crazy about the “Mad Men aesthetic” and how the understated sensuality of that era translates to a lost glamour that is both sophisticated and now feels modern. With Louis Vuitton’s recent campaign featuring the fitted waisted, full skirted, proper ladies wearing their gloves and exposing an ankle and a little cleavage, the 50’s/60″s influence is making people want to get “dressed” again. Sharon has also been loving the circular bookcase by David Garcia’s archive series.
Sang An, a photographer who divides his time between NYC and Sanfrancisco, and who’s work can be seen on this months cover of Martha Stewarts Living, as well as many other editorial and advertising campaigns, describes his personal style as truly modern ecclecticism. He works with a foundation of minimalism mixed with vintage Japanese textiles and both modern and vintage African textiles. the combination of old and new, clean lines with an infusion of texture generates and develops a rich and visually interesting aesthetic.

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